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Gallery Hours: Sat & Sun Noon-6pm or by appointment

Located at the corner of Bedford: 135 Broadway, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY 11211.

(718) 486-7372 or (718) 486-6012 E-mail: wahcenter@earthlink.net

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Gallery Hours:
Sat & Sun
Noon – 6 PM
or by appointment

WAH Center

Located at the corner of Bedford:
135 Broadway, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY 11211.

(718) 486-7372 or
(718) 486-6012

Map & directions
Events & Exhibits
Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
Celebrating John Milton’s 400th Birthday

The unrivaled arts festival honoring Milton’s birthday and Paradise Lost, the greatest poem in the English language.

Bridging classic literature and contemporary fine art, performing arts and poetry reading.
September 27th — November 2nd, 2008
Saturday, September 27th, 8pm to midnite

Antanas Adomaitas
Stephen Auslender
Carrie Ann Baade
Donna Balma
Bienvenido Bones Banez, jr.
Robert S. Beal
Alan F. Beck
Jeff Berman
Orin Buck
Rich Buckler
Ivan Calderone
Joe Catuccio
Carolyn Chaperon
Gail Baxter Cohen
Suzanne Dahlquist
George deMoura
Matthew E. Derezinski
Gary Duehr
Jaesun Duggan
Val Dyshlov
Eric Edelman
Camilla Fallon
Ailene Fields
Jesse Forgione
Troy C. Frantz
Aimee Hertog
Tom Hooper
Sarah Horvat
Amanda Husberg
Mildred Kaye
Ray Kinlock
Arthur Kirmss
Frank Krasicki
Kris Kuksi
Randy J. Lagana
Terrance Lindall
Drew Maillard
Greg Maillard
Ben Marxen
Bertram Matysik
Gerd Matysik
Gertrud Matysik
Adam Miller
Rodica Miller
Ella Morton
Walter Lynn Mosley
Eric Reuben Nelson
Yuko Nii
Leah Oates
David Orr
Linda Paleias
Lennie Peterson
Carol Quint
Max Razdow
Luis Rojas
Michael Knud Ross
Tim Slowinski
Gary Spradling (in memorium)
Phyllis Stapler
Sandra Taggart
Matthew Turov
Marcela Varona
Benjamin A. Vierling
Sharyne E. Walker
Jon Neal Wallace
Brian Kent Ward
Haejin Yoon

Featured Artists

Kris Kuksi, one of the most highly regarded artists in the contemporary surreal/visionary movement.

His work is in the collection of Chris Weitz, Director of the new movie, The Golden Compass, based upon Philip Pullman’s book and grounded in John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Richard “Rich” Buckler is an American comic book artist best known for his work on Marvel Comics’ The Fantastic Four in the mid-1970’s. He will be producing a portrait of John Milton for the 21st century. The unveiling will be at the Costume Ball!

Bienvenido Bones Banez - “All of his work is based on his ‘666 World View. He paints as if he is plugged into a wall socket and the energy that pours forth through his brain and fingertips to the canvas comes out in pulses of scintillating colors.” —Terrance Lindall

Olek This vibrant Polish beauty debuted her career at the WAH Center in 2003 at the Surrealist Fashion Show. She is one of the most fascinating artists in the world, madly crocheting her way into art history.

Opening with the
Saturday, September 27th
8pm to midnite

“As sinfully delicious as ‘Man’s first disobedience’ and the most fabulous extravaganza since Adam & Eve had to cover their nakedness!”

Featuring the JC Hopkins Biggish Swing Band, and Human Kinetics Movement Arts with Yana Schnitzler (recently performed at the Metropolitan Museum), Olek fashion models performing throughout the three floors of exhibits. Also; Adam & Eve video art, birthday salutations, good food and drink, more.

Tickets $40.
To order by email: let us know how many tickets you want and we will send you a Paypal invoice.
Or send a check to:
WAH Center, 135 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11211
You will receive a confirmation of your order and the tickets will be sent two weeks prior to the ball.
September 28th, 2 PM
Suggested admission $5

Noted Brooklyn poet S. David recites his tribute to John Milton and takes you on a poet’s tour of the art in the show
October 3rd and 4th,10th, 11th
8 PM Admission $18
“Paradise Found!”

A Musical Mystery Play by brilliant surrealist playwright and composer Peter Dizozza

“Sings like Bob Dylan, acts like Woody Allen, writes like Euripides tongue wrestling Samuel Beckett and has the musical soul of George Gershwin. It all works together—Peter Dizozza is an incredibly unique talent.” —Sam Moree, September, 2007.

Dizozza is composer of Incidental music to Lindall’s Paradise Lost.

October 17 and 24th, 8 PM, admission $15

Directed by Arthur Kirmss

Musicians in 17th century costume, on harp, guitar, lute and recorders, performing European vocal and instrumental music through early Baroque, celebrating Milton’s life. (names of participants forthcoming)


with Yana Schnitzler and Group TBA Recently performing at the Metropolitan Museum. The cutting edge of interactive dance. “…mesmering…” —Richard Termine, photographer, New York Times


Book Label of Madam Pomfret

We will display THE BOOK OF GENESIS from a 17th century handwritten Torah on vellum (23 feet long!).

CHARLES LAMB’S copy of first illustrated 1691 edition of Paradise Lost.

LADY POMFRET’S copy of the first illustrated edition (c. 1688) of Paradise Lost. She was a noble 18th century British woman of great learning, and the Lady of the Bedchamber of Queen Caroline.

THE BOOK OF GENESIS, a 17th century handwritten Torah on vellum (23 feet long)
Fine, well preserved hand written Moroccan Torah fragment, the complete book of Genesis (the 1st book out of the 5 books of Moses). Approximately 300 to 400 years old and very well preserved, its either deer or goat skin.

c. 1791 This handsome Derby portrait model is of John Milton (1756-1769; issued as D12 (probably adapted from a maquette from the studio of Scheemakers or possibly provided by John Cheere, reissued as E46, and between 1770-1796 issued as model number 297 from a plaster by M. Rysbrack. The Poet is portrayed in Van Dyck dress, leaning against a pedestal decorated in relief with a scene from Paradise Lost.

Historical woodcut initial showing Adam & Eve from the Luther Bible 1561
Artist Virgil Solis, Nuremburg

Joan Petrini, engraver, Adam, Eve and the Serpent, after Raphael, engravings done in 1790 to honor Pope Pius VI

Lavish coat of Queen Elizabeth II’s herald ,with gold and silver thread and extensive embroidery

Royal artifacts from the reigns of Queen Victoria and King Edward VIII (Duke of Windsor).


Couched amid historical artifacts and contemporary art celebrating PARADISE LOST, the greatest poem in the English language. Perhaps the largest birthday party for Milton in the world, with poets, artists and composers. We will be documenting this extravaganza on video to produce a documentary for this historical event that we believe will be seen for centuries to come. Milton’s centennial birthday will not come again for another 100 years. Be part of it! If you attend the gala, you will probably be in this video!

“The exhibit and programs promise to be a diverse collection of multiple perspectives and strategies that should engage the audience you hope to reach.” From a letter to Terrance Lindall from Wendy Woon, the Edward John Noble Foundation Deputy Director for Education of the Museum of Modern Art, New York

John Milton was born in 1608. In 1667, the world received from him the book that would influence English thought and language nearly as much as the King James Version of the bible and the plays of Shakespeare. Let us then celebrate both the birth of John Milton who used the English language for supreme art, as well as celebrate the evolving English language itself throughout the world, which has become the world’s foremost international language. As a young man, John Milton wrote a friend: “Do you ask what I am meditating? By the help of Heaven, an immortality of fame.” Not many can actually achieve such a goal, but Milton did. Next to William Shakespeare, he is regarded by many as the greatest English poet and the author of the language’s finest epic poem, Paradise Lost. While Milton wrote Paradise Lost, he was blind, embittered by his heroic political/religious battles, and hampered by insufficient finances. Few images in the history of literature are more poignant that of the blind Puritan dictating day after day his great epic, Paradise Lost, the theme of which is announced in the opening lines:

    Of man’s disobedience, and the fruit
    Of that forbidden tree, whose mortal taste
    Brought death into the world, and all our woe,
    With loss of Eden.

He rose at four or five each morning, listened to a chapter from the Hebrew Bible, ate breakfast, and then wrote until noon. After an hour walk and another hour playing the organ or viola, he worked until night. Then he would have a supper of “olives or some light thing,” a pipe, and a glass of water.

“The impact of Milton, especially his Paradise Lost, has enduring influence in the lives of not only the academic world, but among those of us in the arts and the general public who can FEEL the powerful resonance of his words and ideas. The unabridged original is the magical touchstone, the undiminished constellation in the Western psyche that has illuminated our culture for the foreseeable future, as has Shakespeare and the Bible.

“There are many worldwide events from Oxford & Cambridge to the New York Public Library. However, we know of none quite like ours that asks professional artists, composers and poets to respond to the greatest poem of all time.

“America is a country of immigrants who hail from all corners of the globe. We come together through our common use of the English language. Every culture and ethnicity has contributed in their turn to the wealth of words and phrases in the English language. The English language no longer belongs to that island nation that once was greatest empire the world has ever seen, but to all of us. As the Greeks gave us philosophy, so the British have given us the gift of the ever-evolving English language. As part of our exhibit, in homage to the British peoples and their gift to us, we will include interesting artifacts of British heritage from the Yuko Nii Foundation collection.”

Terrance Lindall
Show Director

“The Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (WAH Center) was founded upon the ‘Bridge Concept,’ which envisions a multifaceted, multicultural art center whose mission is to coalesce the diverse artistic communities, and create a bridge between local, national and international artists, emerging as well as established artists of all disciplines.

“It takes three to for the art to be realized – a dynamic symbiotic trinity composed of the artists, the art promoter or space provider, and the art appreciator. The WAH Center is pleased to be the promoter and space provider, bridging the artists with the audience in this visually exciting and scholarly production, ‘Paradise Lost.’

“While literary, academic and religious circles throughout the world are celebrating John Milton’s 400th birthday this year, we at the WAH center are taking great thought and literature of the past along with historic artifacts from the time of John Milton and bridging them to the present day of artists, writers, poets, composers & performers. It is a unique and inspiring happening in this historical New York City landmark building.”

Yuko Nii
Founder & Artistic Director
Williamsburg Art & Historical Center

Terrance Lindall is an American artist who was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, in 1944. Lindall attended the University of Minnesota and graduated magna cum laude from Hunter College in New York City in 1970, with a double major in Philosophy and English and a double minor in Psychology and Physical Anthropology. He was in the Doctor of Philosophy program in philosophy at New York University from 1970 to 1973. He is listed in Marquis Who’s Who in America 2006. Information about this artist is also on file in the Smithsonian Institution Library Collection. His illustrations for John Milton’s Paradise Lost are perhaps today the best-known illustrations for this epic outside of those by William Blake and Gustave Dore, and are part of this exhibit. His art is on the cover of Random House’s 2008 “Essential Milton.”

“Appropriately for his background in art and philosophy, Lindall seems especially interested in using art to express ideas, which makes his work particularly intriguing for Milton scholars, for he has painted a number of works depicting scenes in Paradise Lost” —Horace Jeffery Hodges, Assistant Professor in Kyung Hee University’s Dept. of English Language and Literature

"Lindall’s image (on the cover of Random House’s 2008 Essential Milton) is, of course, the star. It seems to me at once unmistakably modern and yet just as unmistakably archaic: exactly the doubleness I was hoping for on our cover.” —William Kerrigan of Random House, 2007

“Radical artist and nonconformist Terrance Lindall has channeled Milton’s spirit into a modern context, in a provocative series of illustrations to Paradise Lost. His visual celebration of Milton reveals his remarkable affinity for the radical English poet, and his ability to create a fitting tribute to Milton’s enduring influence in the arts.” —Professor Karen Karbiener, New York University, 2007

“Terrance Lindall’s fanciful illustrations are bound to arouse response & provoke thought in the may persons interested in Paradise Lost & its subjects & in surreal illustration generally” — Professor Thomas Clayton, University of Minnesota Department of English

Lindall’s art for Paradise Lost appears on the 2008 cover of Complete Poetry and Essential Prose of John Milton, Random House 2008. Edited by William Kerrigan, John Rumrich and Stephen M. Fallon Format: Hardcover, 1392 pages ISBN: 978-0-679-64253-4 (0-679-64253-6) THIS EDITION IS CALLED “THE DEFINITIVE MILTON OF OUR TIME” (NOW IN IT’S SECOND PRINTING)

Holt Rinehart & Winston is using another Lindall Paradise Lost image in a 2009 high school textbook, which will have a first run of 370,000. Title: Elements of Literature, Sixth Course ISBN No.: 9780030368820

Oxford’s major exhibit “CITIZEN MILTON” at the Bodleian Library, Oxford has one of Lindall’s paintings on their web-site for their exhibit honoring Milton’s 400th birthday, on the page Exhumations and Destinies: ‘For Books are not absolutely Dead Things’

Buy the DVD movie of Terrance reciting Paradise Lost. Send check for $20 plus $2 shipping to WAH Center, 135 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Sample video on Youtube:
Milton’s Paradise Lost


Milton’s Angels, Volunteers
Tiffany Yanetta
Eric Nelson
Jacqueline Safian
Maryanna McConnell
David Smith

Sponsored in part by:
New York Art World Magazine

Special Thanks to:
Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz,
New York City Council Member Diana Reyna,
The New York City Landmark Conservancy

design & maintenance Orin Buck
© 2007 Williamsburg Art & Historical Center

ArtMatysik`s artist Bertram Matysik in Los Angeles - California along his participation in “ART WIND RISES”, Asia┤s Largest International Juried Art Exhibition, Curator A.K. Chen, at X-Power Gallery, Taipei - Taiwan & Beverly Hills USA, 01. April 2009 - 24. April 2009

Some Photo Show - Part 2 :

www-artmatysik-org matysik_bertram What crisis - Lets party - Miami Homestead May 2008 ľ in memorial for Versace

 The artist Bertram Matysik just arrived at LAX Los Angeles and still further on his way right straight on to “ART WIND RISES EXHIBITION” at X-Power-Gallery USA.

 So you have to know:

The artist likes it hot. So according to his mind & spirit LA in California indeed is a very good place to stay, have a great time, do something in arts and meet interesting and so friendly people there.

x-power-gallery-beverly-hills-taipei-chinese-enter-buttom2 copy
x-power-gallery-beverly-hills-taipei-english-enter-buttom2 copy

Join the details here:

x-power-gallery-beverly-hills-taipei-chinese-enter-buttom2 copy

tText by X-Power Gallery - www.xpgallery.com.tw

Artists Selected into 2009 International Art Competition

Going through intense deliberation, out of 637 pieces of art works submitted from 42 countries, 105 excellent works were finally selected into exhibition. This selection is a process for jurors to fully experience the competing and conflicting of ideas on art works. The aesthetics displayed in these submitted works is so diverse that the works are remote, tranquil, rich-colored, passionate, deconstructing, or wild, like beautiful flowers in a garden that are unique in their own specific ways. Therefore, each work selected into exhibition has to be an excellent work so as to go through severe selection process.

Out of the submitted works, 105 pieces have been selected to exhibit in the Taiwan Venue and the USA Venue respectively. The winners are to be announced in the award ceremony taking place in the Taiwan Venue and through live feed screening in the USA Venue in Los Angeles on April 4, 2009 at 6:00pm the local time.

Congratulations to all the finalists, we are expecting all the selected works to deliver a superb art banquet to all of you.

Works Selected into Exhibition in Taiwan Venue:    Works Selected into Exhibition in USA Venue:


2009 International Art Competition
Selected Artist Listing

Out of the submitted works, 105 pieces have been selected to exhibit in the Taiwan Venue and the USA Venue respectively. The winners are to be announced in the award ceremony taking place in the Taiwan Venue and through live feed screening in the USA Venue in Los Angeles on April 4, 2009 at 6:00pm the local time.


2009 2009 International Art Competition - Announcement of Primary Selection

After deliberate review and discussion, the jurors made their choices of primary selections.

The listing from the primary selection includes fine works accepted for selection after jurors initial discussion, which, however, may not necessarily be works to be selected.

The selected works are to be listed on February 28, 2009.

We greatly appreciate your patient anticipation.

Listing of Works Accepted for Selection


2009 International Art Competition

2009 International Art Competition is joined by 346 artists from 42 countries with 637 submitted works. The notification date has been postponed to February 28, 2009.

New Agenda (2009)

January 20 closing date for entry (evidenced by postmark)

February 10 online listing of works accepted for selection

February 28 online listing of selected works

March 23 ~ March 28 delivery of selected works between 11:00 ~ 18:00 (no delivery on Sundays)

April 1 ~ April 24 exhibition


2009 International Art Competition

Joined by 346 Artist

From 42 Countries

With 637 Works

For this Global Art Honor

New Agenda (2009)

January 20 closing date for entry (evidenced by postmark)

February 10 online listing of works accepted for selection (not necessarily to be selected)

February 28 online listing of selected works

March 23 ~ March 28 delivery of selected works between 11:00 ~ 18:00 (no delivery on Sundays)

April 1 ~ April 24 exhibition

April 27 ~ May 2 returning works between 11:00 ~ 18:00 (no pickup on Sundays)

Opening Ceremony/Prize Awarding: to be announced

For the sizable submission and a wide range of styles, the three jurors may take different angles in selecting works so that while some works may receive a vote from all three of them, the other works are recommended only by one juror. Though each one of them, residing across three time zones (Italy, USA, Taiwan), work diligently day and night, the decision is not reached within one jurors discretion but from the consensus reached after long deliberation and sharp debate.

We believe that each submitted work is a unique creation that embodies the sprit of the entrant and we make every effort to be impartial and not losing our objectivity in the selection process. Therefore, the jury decided after joint discussion to make the selection into three stages: primary selection, selection, and award winning listing.

As the 2009 International Art Competition is oriented a worldwide arena, the three stage selection makes the competition even more accurate and proper, manifesting our greater commitment to the 346 artists throughout the world.

Submitted Works

Argentina x 2

Angelica Rochon, Marta Pontiliano

Australia x 6

Evguenia Men, Samantha Lord, Sarah Beetson, John Weeronga Bartoo, Tom Dumn, Bonnie Lane

Austria x 2

Gabriel Horst, Frank Ettenberg

Bangladesh x 2

Goswami Bishwajit, Tania Sultana,

Belgium x 1

Vermeire Manuel

Brazil x 1

Natacha Kadhija

Bulgaria x 3

Yasen Hristov Ivanchev, Tanya Gramatikova, Vesilena Kenarev-Nikiforov

Canada x 8

Bob Craig, Bianka Guna, Rachel Zan, Debra Blades, Pierre Bellemare, Liba Labik, Steven White, Eva Lewame

Cayman Islands x 2

April Bending, Avril Ward

China x 18

Lei Liang, Fu Jiaxiao, Zhang Ping, He Da, He Xiangyi, Yu Zhuo, Wang Xiao Yan, Wenzi, Ma Tianchao, Wu Na, Huang Jin, Xing Si-yuan, Wang Jianwei, Lee Tao, Li Gaoliang, Yan Xue Jun, Ines Sun, He anjing

Colombia x 1

Javier Santamaria

Croatia x 1

Mirko Sevic

Czech Republic x 1

Vera Tataro

Denmark x 2

Artem, Anne-Mette Juul Nielsen

Finland x 2

Tarja Saikkonen, Angela Falcone

France x 6

Kalthoum, Tuy Nga Brignol, Pierre Cherbit, Kika Selezneff Aleman, Erik Michel, Jean Charles

Germany x 8

Bjoern Daempfling, Oliver Fauser, Thalmeier Vered, Bertram Matysik, Gerd Matysik, Viktoria Nagel, Beate Leinmuller, Bernd Finkenwirth

Hungary x 5

Arpad Forgo, Alexa Szlavics, Zhenia Bozukova, Laszlo Barna, Krisztina Asztalos

India x 3

Ravi. K, Awtar Singh Virdi, Santosh Raman

Indonesia x 1

Daeny Pribadi

Ireland x 1

Douglas Ross

Israel x 4

Ronit Agassi, Yacov Gabay, Svetlana Vinokurtsev, Ronya Shvachka

Italy x 7

Aleph Tonetto, Livio Lopedote, Luca Palazzi, Giulio Baistrocchi, Giuliano Giuliani, Maria Giovanna Zurla, Andrea Vandoni

Japan x 2

Yura, Shinichi, Yesoensis

Korea x 2

Hei B. Ahn, Kichung Lizee

Macedonia x 1

Darko Taleski

Malaysia x 1

Reza Ramtinnia

Mexico x 1

Hui-Ju Chen

Monaco x 1

Veronica Cantero Yanez

Netherlands x 3

Frits Selier, Ingo Leth,, Hanneke Van Der Werf

Pakistan x 1

Sanya Arif

Poland x 3

Maciej Gador, Maciej Hoffman, Rivera Amilcar

Portugal x 2

Manuel CasaBranca, Chizo

Romania x 1

Ileana Stefanescu

Russian x 2

Maria Mamkaeva, Boris Kasyanov

Spain x 1

Lizzy Forrester

Switzerland x 1

Jonathan Sanchez

Taiwan x 122

Hu Hoa, Comax, Tan Kent Keong, Lin Bao Ling, Huang Chia Liang, Jenny Chang, Chiang Chinlan, Andy Yen, Su Chuan Chuan, Wang Chia Chi, Wang Guo Ren, Huang Han Sheng, Chuang Rei Hsien, Tseng Scott, Cheng Wen Jei, Mei Yin Hu, Ho Hwei Bai, Hsieh Kai Chen, Wu Falan, Chen I Feng, Huang Shin En, Wang Xiao Qing, Chen Wei Nong, Lin Fan Wei, Lin Jung-Ming, You Kuei Ching, Lee Troie, Liu Fang Chun, Kao Yu Yin, Liao Pei Ling, Huang Tsang Yo, Kao Chun Hua, Chang Pei-Chun, Yang Chia-Lin, Shi Yung-Jun, Tsai Yuan-Huan, Yalin Chen, Ke.Chen-Chieh, Ping-Yu,Yang, Lai Tsai Chu, Kuang Yi Ning, Ho Chi Chung, Li Kuan Ho, Huang Yi-Shen, Huang Bo-Xun, Huang Cheng Yi, Agnes Wu, Lee Chia Chien, Chiang Pei Lei, He En Yi, Shuo-Chu Hsiao, Takashino Murao, Yang-Su Yueh, Chia-Chi Geddes, Hwang, Yuan-Yeong, Tsai, Yi-Ju, Weng Pei-Ying, Tsai Wan Hsin, Tseng Tsung Chih, Mu Hsu-Fan, Lin Shun-Cing, Lee Szu Hui, Liao Chi-Heng, Yu Ting Yen, Chen I Jun, Ting Chao Wang, Wang Yi Chen, Chang Shih Shyan, Chou Tai-Chun, Lee Jen, Shiuan Jong Jonq, Yeh Ying Chen, Wu Chun-Hui, Chen Hui Yin, Lo Hsuan Fang, Wu Ming Hung, Chen Ziting, Hsieh Dan, Chuang Huang Chin, Hu Pey-Tzu, Chou Chian, Nathan Liao, Tsai Wan Hsin, Tseng Tsung Chih, Peter Lee, Liu JuiTso, Huang Tein-Kai, Wu Man Ping, Lyu Yun Ru, Lee Shin-Shiue, Yang Li-Ho, Hsieh Idea, Chen Kuan Hung, Lu Hsiao Han, Chiu Wandy, Shao Yu-Hsien, Lin Cheng-Yen, Li Huei-Jyuan, Juang Syuan Wun, Lo Citie, Huang Ruo Qin, Chien Yin Chen, Hung Ching-Ting, Chu Chen Po Ching, Hsieh Pei-Lin, Wu Min Chi, Lin Ru-Dao, Chen Yi-Yuan, Ho Huey-Chih, Irene Hse, Tsai Yi Chun, Chen Yuehtan, Huang Ping Han, Hu Chin Fong, Huang, Yao-Hsin, Jhuwan Yeh, Ku Chia Jui, Kao chuan yen, 221TREEs, Arthur Lin, Yen Han Chun, Yuan Zhi-Jie, Hsu Zhe-Yu, Shih Shu-Chun, He anjing

United Kingdom x 9

Laura Elliott, Sandira Reddy, Uchenna Odukwe, Jaimie Cahlil, Sera M. Knight, Natalia Skobeeva, Stuart Bush, Maz Jackson, Zoe Eaton

Ukraine x 1

Serhiy Savchenko

USA x 103

Mutlu Ertac, Natalie Ball, Kuzana Ogg, Virginia Erdie, Carl Ellis, Ritch Gaiti, Ione Citrin, Eliza Good, Jenny Balisle, Orie Shafer, BiLan Liao, Schrieber-Smith, Nanci, LaRosa Gianni, Hank Rondina, Edina Seleskovic, Christopher Deriso, Thinh Nguyen, Philippe Jestin, Cara Walz, Yasir Nieves, Peggy Guichu, Jackie Volkell, Erika Pochybova-Johnson, Annie Horkan, Dan A. Barker, Sandra Chen Weinstein, Natalia Szostak, M. Johnai iDaniel, Elena Wang, Allen Linder, Joseph Swenarton, Marianne B Van der Haar, Darren Johnson, Vanesa Martinelli, Barbara Brady, E. Dan Barker, Charlotte Shroyer, Esteban Delgado, Birgit Huttemann-Holz, Lynn Fero, Christina Massey, Ryan McCann, Stephen St. Francis Decky, James McNulty, Linda Simeonova, Sylvia Petra Broubalow, Ray Pierotti, Boris Zakic, Barbara Aliza, Xavier Yarto, David Derr, I-Ling Eleen Lin, Milenna Saraiva, Dinara Djabieva, Karin M. Mayer, Robert Minervini, Don Luke, Giorgio Tuscani, Marc Ross, Roy Secord, Will Kerr, Robert Glick, Chuck Rounds, Claudia Padilla, Lisa Hammack, Alan D. Pocaro, Eun Jung Koh, Michael Krasowitz, Peter Frantz, Cherie Hacker, Johnnie M. Maberry, Shakti Kroopkin, Barry A. Noland, Kim Hee Soo, Jung In Kim, Morgan Coleman, Nicole Walters, JT Thompson, Sol Kjok, Rosemary Tyler, Monte Wilson, Katie Jurkiewicz, Josh Reames, Amber Thomas, Willow Bascom, Shravan Rajagopal, Mark Webster, Joanne Adair, Magdalena Sudnik, Chris Greene, Casey Vogt, Michael Prettyman, Ji-Sun Choi, Don W Murphy, Kathleen King, Ty Marshal, Sung Rhee, Austin Power, Ted Greczyn, Ekapon Poungpava, Rodina Mikhail, Laurie Miller, Marlana Adele Vassar

Venezuela x 1

Sandra Betancort


X-Power Gallery

Opening Hours: 11:00 ~ 20:00 Daily

11:00 ~ 18:00 Daily (Tue & Thu)

                     Closed Sunday





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  • Address:1F., No.167, Sec.3, Dongxing Rd., Taichung, Taiwan 4086


.  .


Text by X-Power Gallery - www.xpgallery.com.tw


2009 International Art Competition

Application Deadline: 01/20/09

A. About Us & Venue:

Organizer - X-Power Gallery (http://www.xpgallery.com.tw/en/index_en.html)


Mission: X-Power Gallery specializes with unique criteria in gathering and collecting the finest art works of the East and the West, offering its management expertise to talented artists. By bringing a variety of art works to art lovers, X-Power Gallery aspires for all people to enjoy and be inspired by the beauty of art in art appreciation, and furthermore, to open a window to a beautiful life.

The X-Power Gallery is geared to organize domestic and overseas exhibitions for the art creations by Gallery’s contracted artists, promoting the eastern and the western artists to the international market, guiding the collectors into the incredible Temple of Art, and making the most substantial and immediate contribution to the international cultural exchange.

The X-Power Gallery is oriented to comprehensive management to establish the distinctive brand name and to drive art and culture to develop steadily in continuing prosperity.

Provides services in the following areas:

Manage art fund with equal focus on investment and collection.

Plan and organize publications, seminar, workshop, and exhibition events. Organize collaboration with other parties.

Discover and develop emerging artists with great potentials.

Work with charity groups or enterprises to bring in artists to participate in the design of public arts.

Design merchandise and art items based on artists’ original creation (such as cards, notebook, stationary, T-shirt, cup, etc.)


About Exhibition Venues:

The artist could select ONE exhibition venue for their successful entries from the following: X-Power Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan OR X-Power Gallery, Beverly Hills, USA


B. About the Competition:

1. Mission:

Through art, the human hearts are deeply touched for the glory, perfection and goodness in the human nature that go beyond time and space.


2. Calendar:

I. Entry Deadline (Post Mark Date): Jan. 20th, 2009




 Juror & Curator :

Juror: Prof. Lee, Sun-Don (http://arts.sundon.net )

Master Lee Sun-Don, the 3rd Patriarch of Buddhist Forshang, born in Kaohsiung of south Taiwan, is the pioneer of “Totemic Energy Oil Painting,” a genre characterized by mind-awakening aesthetics. Based on spiritual enlightenment, Lee’s totemic artwork catches Zen wisdom and the ineffable harmony of the universal energies. More impressively, although receiving no academic training, Lee develops totemic aesthetics that challenges, transcends, and opens up the horizon of contemporary art. It is no wonder that his emergence in the art circles soon catches incredible attention and commendation from all over the world.


This year (Jan.-Nov.), Lee has won more than thirty honorable recognitions across the globe, including the prestigious RWS / Sunday Times Watercolour Competition in UK, the Royal West of England Academy 156th Autumn Exhibition, the 29th Gredos Prize for Painting in Spain, the 55th Stockton Art League Juried Exhibition, the L’Chayim Art Show in USA (wining 2nd Place), and four French International Autumn Salons (e.g., LunÚville). His artworks have also been selected and invited to exhibit in the museums and expositions of great renown: MOMA in Wales, Russian Academy of Arts, National Art Museum of China, Museum of Kyoto in Japan, Haggin Museum in USA, Gallery Gabrichidze in Belgium, Gallery Silver Brush in Finland, and Florence Biennale 2009 in Italy, just to name a few. Appreciating his creativity, many international-celebrated art societies in Europe, America, and Australia have granted him membership, of which is the 1754-established Royal Society for the Encouragement of Art, Manufactures & Commerce, best known as RSA – the first art society that was conferred upon the title of “Royal” in British history. Camaver Kunsthaus International, an Italy-based art group with galleries located in EU and USA, even exalts Lee as the “Top Artist” – in the past 60 years or so only five artists in the world have received such honor.


Curator: A. K. Chen

I. Work with many charity groups, enterprises, and international artists for many well-renowned public art projects, such as “Front Courtyard” and “Art Tunnel” of Yuan-Dao Kuan-Yin Temple, and the window design of GP DEVA’s office…etc.

II. Executive Curator for exhibition “Taiwan Wind” & “The Diamond Sutra of the Supreme Huayan” at prestigious Culture Gallery at the National Concert Hall.

III. Alliance with Chan Liu Art Museum for exhibition “Ultimate Purity”

IV. Executive Cirator for exhibition “Empreinte de peinture Ó Paris Painting footprint in Paris” at Galerie de Nesle.



The Juror, Prof. Lee, Sun-Don, will select approximately 40~50 works as well as the award winners. The juror reserves the right NOT to select a Winner NOR any work for Purchase Award if works are not, in his opinion, of sufficient merit. Juror's decisions are final!

a. X-Power Award of Excellent Achievement:

ONE artist will receive the following privileges:

(1) Medal of Excellent

(2) USD $5,000 purchase award (collected by X-Power Gallery)

(3) SOLO exhibition at X-Power Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan in 2009.

(4) Two additional works of this award winner will be exhibited separately in X-Power Gallery, Beverly Hills, U.S.A and X-Power Gallery, Shanghai, China for ONE month period.

b. Golden Award:

One artist will receive the following privileges:

(1) Gold Medal

(2) USD $2,500 purchase award (collected by X-Power Gallery)

(3) SOLO exhibition at X-Power Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan in 2009.

c. Emerging Artist Special Award:

Maximum 5 artists will receive the following privileges:

(1) Silver Medal

(2) Group Exhibition at X-Power Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan in 2009.

d. Certificate:

All accepted artists will receive one certificate of exhibition.

e. Opportunity of Sponsorship:

All accepted artist might earn the chance to be sponsored and represented by X-power Gallery for one year contract.


VI. Sale of Works:

a. X-Power Gallery takes 30% commission if any sold.

b. All entries must be for SALE

c. Payment of any sold works will be made within 7 days to the artist after X-Power Gallery receives the full payment from the buyer.



C. Location:

X-Power Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

Address: 1F., No.98, Sec. 4, Xinyi Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 10682, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Gallery Hours: Open Monday ~ Saturday/ Mon. Wend. Fri. Sat. from 11am – 8pm/ Tue. Thur. from 11am - 6pm/ Close on Sundays


X-Power Gallery, Beverly Hills, USA

Address: 413 N. Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA

Gallery Hours: Open 7 days from 11am ~ 8pm


D. Contact Information:

X-Power Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

Attn: Ms. Chiu, Ying Hui

Address: 1F., No.98, Sec. 4, Xinyi Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 10682, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: +886-2-2708-0929

Fax: +886-2-2706-2702

E-mail: service@xpgallery.com.tw 

Website: www.xpgallery.com.tw


X-Power Gallery, Beverly Hills, USA

Attn: Andrew Hsu

Address: 413 N. Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA

Tel: +1-310-858-6545

Fax: +1-310-858-6595

E-mail: 2009competition@xpgallery.com.tw

Website: http://www.xpgallery.com.tw/en/index_en.html 


E. Prospectus & Entry form:

Please download the complete prospectus and entry



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What┤s Crisis ? Let`s Party !

Beauty in Versace Fashion

Bertram Matysik, Germany
Oil on Canvas, 100x120cm

04. April 2009, 6 pm.

Reception of “ART WIND RISES” at X-Power Gallery USA -  GPDeva Beverly Hills Flagship Store on Rodeo-Drive.

What an art show !!!

Art Matysik is not responsible for links, linked websites and their contents

artist_Bertram_Matysik_at_ LAX_Los_Angeles_ART_WIND_RISES_EXHIBITION_ X-Power-Gallery_USA_ART_WIND_RISES_2009_0971

04. April 2009, 6 pm.   Reception of “ART WIND RISES” at X-Power Gallery USA -  GPDeva Beverly Hills Flagship Store on Rodeo-Drive. On the right you can see the artist`s painting “What`s Crisis ? Let`s Party !”

Indeed the artist can not image any better place to join a party than at an location like X-Power Gallery on Rodeo Drive just right on that date !

Although the exhibition gets closed on April 24th on Rodeo Drive

 so still keep in mind:

The art show of contemporary art will never ends.