Short Cut to Venice Biennale 2009 PART 1



Artmatysik´s artists Bertram Matysik & Gertrud Matysik has received the unexpected surprise and great honor to get invited to Master Prof. Lee Sun-Don`s 2009 solo Exhibition at 53th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia 2009 from June 4th to November 22th 2009 located at Palazzo Pisani Santa Marina, Calle delle Erbe, Cannergeio, Venezia :

LEE SUN-DON, Create & Change, Internal = External,  1 = °°

Organizer & Sponsor:  Arte Communication, GPDeva, X-Power Gallery


This amazing art exhibition of Prof. Lee-Sun Don´s artwork is an artistic experience no one interested in contemporary should miss and leave out. It is just this artistic happening, the master and his work, just creating artwork along live performances in that art fair that let you not only see & enjoy contemporary art.



Artist Bertram Matysik  in the first footsteps of Venice Biennale 2009 at Marco Polo Venice International Airport - the grand door of Venice wide open to all art lowers in these days !

And what a great and totally unexpected honor for Artmatysik`s artists Bertram & Gertrud Matysik to gain the opportunity to communicate with Master Lee Sun-Don directly in a single conversation just from artist to artist reflecting about the arts while sharing thoughts, inspiration & imaginations.

Artist Bertram Matysik in artistic discussion about the arts with Master Prof. Lee Sun-Don on Venice Biennale 2009.