Hope you are all fine, guys.
So let`s go on and enter the topics of today:

In front of our launching art party show touring this time so called PRIVATE AFFAIRS +++ Started @ MIAMI Lincoln Rd. South Beach touring WorldWide +++ we are  totally excited about bringing one of our most emerging leading pieces  to the public and to you guys.

So what comes next ?

Itīs the first digi photo shot of that piece here and can be only just a  copy of the colorful beaming original oil. Used premium oil colors for  that like Rembrandt by Talens or Norma Professional by Schmincke to gain best results. Means a simple photo of such piece never can capture the  play of light done by expensive real Cadmium Lemon, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Green or Cobalt Cerulean Blue and more. So to join the full feeling of  paintings oil always taste the original and nothing else.

Looking on the painting MIAMI HEAT:

That`s Miami. Notice that  well known tower in blue glass on the left back just some further steps  to move to South Beach. Beach, sun and sea there, that`s it. Now in front standing one of these exciting Ladies in amazing Versace Fashion always making the fashion world totally crazy up to  unconsciousness.

What`s about face and body of that Miami girl we can’t see although we can  imagine it must be as exciting like the visiable rest ...

On left of this scene one roadster legend well known as one of the tops of automotive achievements even in centuries. And you are right:

It`s a legendary Lamborghini Murcilago Roadster, a really yellow devil,  hunting on Florida`s highways with its 580 horsepower, just powered by  one 12-cylinder engine while taking advantage of the Lamborghini L.I.E.  electronic management systems.

A real dream. Just spent about 350.000 $ and 4 wheels like these may be  yours. However meanwhile enjoy the outlook served by my painting.

By the way many thanks to Claudio, spending this yellow devil for the  hours of this show. We took advantage of this kind and generous offer  and afterwards we gained the full knowledige about the only and true  meaning of special jobs done by friends for friends for example like  that:

Afterwards clean, dry and polish my little babe till you can use the automotive  paint like a mirror and do not stop before, guys !

 And so we did. But still funny at all.

So like you can see we continued with works like MIAMI HEAT once again  our indeed successful line in fashion & lifestyle arts already so  well featured by works like GARAGE FASHION or Whatīs crisis ? Let`s  party! and much more in recent past you know.

Had thought long time what do next. Then an exciting idea ...

Indeed we had so much fun while worked on that scene of that painting project so called:

MIAMI HEAT -  Her Lamborghini Roadster on the right: Versace fashioned Lady crusing around South Beach once a time in Miami


Detail GARAGE FASHION - painting oil by Bertram Matysik, 160cm x 100cm


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GARAGE FASHION - painting oil by Bertram Matysik, 160cm x 100cm

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What`s crisis ? Let`s party! - painting oil by Bertram Matysik , 120cm x 100cm


What`s crisis ? Let`s party! on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, USA

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