LONDON Excursion 2009



Artists Bertram Matysik (left) & Dr. Gerd Matysik (right) on their research for new artistic ideas, motives & inspirations in London`s Bank Area in these days !


Artist Bertram Matysik joining London`s bank district. 

So the artists are cruising along this opportunity across London city always hunting for exciting new inspirations, looking for new artistic potentials and ideas, researching new amazing locations and searching impressive charakters to participate in their art ...   

So the artists  - known for their time-actual & social-critical artistic acts, reflecting with their art arts not only on the lovely aspects of life -  take with their experienced eyes also some close looks at London as one of the world´s most important financial market places in the times of crisis in order to see what going on there right now.    


Bankside Gallery, the Gallery & Home of the Royal Watercolor Society and the Royal Society of Painters & Printmakers announces ...


This time’s excursion trip in order to gain energizing experiences and impressive inspirations for creating new artwork leads the Artmatysik`s artists Bertram, Gerd & Gertrud Matysik to London. A really good place not only for new inspirations on amazing locations and time actual topics which should be considered in their contemporary art work in order to hold the line to spirit of time.  You can also meet very interesting people there.

But that’s not all. Artmatysik´s artists Bertram Matysik, Dr. Gerd & Gertrud Matysik, also always interested what´s going on in the art world,  have followed along their London stay a sudden invitation by Bankside Gallery to Prof. Lee Sun-Don`s 2009 Solo-Exhibition in London Bankside ... just taking place there as one of the actual world wide acts of Lee Sun-Don in 2009.