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www-artmatysik-org_Bertram-Matysik_Whats_crisis_Lets_party-Miami– in_memorial_ for_Versace-exhibited_at_X-Power_Gallery_USA_Beverly_Hills

“What’s crisis. Let`s party !” -  Oil on canvas. Female Beauty in great Versace Fashion. Exhibited at X-Power-Gallery USA, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive along the great “Art Wind Rises” art exhibition in April 2009.

Along their actual art project “life style, fashion, themes of the time & art” Artmatysik’s artists are discussing themes of the time and of public importance by  the media of the arts doing therefore in painting oil, acrylic, pastel and more.

Combining these items with elements of contemporary life style & fashion Artmatysik’ artists are creating expressive art work reflecting the real and true feeling of society including the spirit of time  and saving a picture of the people way of life of our times for the future and the following generations.

If you feel free to join this artistic project doing your task as a female model in order to let the artist’s  work become an amazing success in front of an worldwide audience,

if you can imagine to meet interesting people  from around the globe doing in great activities,

if you have real pleasure to be present  and presented at the greatest locations of the world so and because  you are some or may just the important part of the project

if you would like to improve and expand your individual possibilities also as one effect of this participation

if you think you have an especial and impressive charisma and feel no difficulties to show this in front of the public

then you may think about the idea to take part and for that to send Artmatysik an email to: > give us the headline “fashion & art” there

including the information the artists may need to think about how your individual personality can be integrated best in their artistic project.

We are looking forward to your request and let’s do it.

And please note: Sure youth is always a good task.  But even more important is the individual charisma what means: Someone having youth just must not have also charisma automatically you know.

Please note: Depending on the law of your home country sure you must be aged 18 or older to participate.