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  +  International ART Competition I.A.C.

This year´s ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI A.R.T. 2012 will be launched on March 2012, 22th – 25th (21th : VIP-Night) at TAIPEI WORLD TRADE CENTER - TWTC in Taipei City for second stage spending the art world the special opportunity to join contemporary arts in one of the most exciting melting points between established western and rising Asian hemisphere.

Because more than 25.000 art lovers joined the fair during 5 days in 2011 with great excitement we can surely expect the break of the 35.000 mark or quite more for the upcoming 2012 A.R.T. show.


Once again ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI will be showdown and marketplace for established and emerging art of past and present also serving the art community great experiences and impressive visions for the future.

So Asia is one of the next highlight stages of arts on the way through history of mankind.


An amazing challenge and opportunity for artists like ARTMATYSIK`s artist Gerd “Doc” Matysik who made his race in the “ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2012 International Competition Qualifying” and won for his art the ticket to participate in A.R.T. 2012 with 30 other energizing contemporary artists selected by ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI EXECUTIVE COMITEE.

More than 2500 works of artists from 50 nations around the globe entered that strong international art competition in front of A.R.T. 2012.

ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2012 run by Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association, supported by Council for Cultural Affairs, Department for Information and Tourism and Bureau of Foreign Trade Taipei Taiwan once again will spend art lovers, art collectors, art actors and art professionals time and place to feel and join the beat and pulse of contemporary arts.


In one of the most explosive developing economic and cultural areas of the world Art Revolution Taipei 2012 will show in just 5 days what`s really going on in the arts of today.

So the whole show of Art Revolution Taipei 2012 will feature a fine mixture of international leading and emerging galleries and artists from around the globe.


All perspectives of contemporary art like paintings, sculptures, drawings, installation, photographs, prints and more will be set up on the public stages of A.R.T. 2012 in order to receive the visitor's attention and admiration.

Hundreds of artists from the established to the newest generation of emerging actors will be represented in the fair's multiple sections waiting for an exciting artistic exchange with art lovers, art enthusiasts and last not least the whole art public.


So having A.R.T. 2011 in mind we can expect for ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2012 the public stand up and break out of extraordinary classic master pieces like Miro, Rembrandt, Picasso, Chagall, Dali and more placed next to the amazing “Art Youngsters” of our decade.

ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2012 once again will be the location for renowned and influential art collectors, art dealers, curators and other art enthusiasts not only to enjoy and collect extraordinary pieces of well known established art, but also to be on top and pole position to pick up the unknown and hidden diamonds of emerging energizing artists presented in an international art fair like A.R.T. 2012 for the really first time.


Thanks to all sponsors and partners of ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2012 so the fully success of the fair is guaranteed and for sure A.R.T. 2012 will be not just another step but a leap for the Asian hemisphere on the way to create and develop the emerging visions for the arts in the area.


Therefore do not leave out and visit ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2012 on March in Taipei City at TAIPEI WORLD TRADE CENTER - TWTC - if you can.

Enjoy the “crème” of art and artists from around the globe and connect with the most interesting people of the planet along an international fair in one of the top Mega-Cities of the world.


.Explore heart and soul of fine contemporary art in front of tall “101” on the pulse of time and meet the energy right there !

Join ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2012 as art lover or art actor and all together let us keep the Arts on rock`ng as one of the strongest ways of human expression in history standing the test of time.


So we all remember so well and give these cool guys the tribute and honor who launched the arts in their dark and cold caves done only by most primitive equipment thousands of years ago !

Long live The Arts ! Share and join.


By the way during that show do not forget to give your attention to the following 30 artists of about 50 nations qualified by successful participation in the ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2012 Art Competition for the A.R.T. 2012 FAIR and admire their outstanding art works during your so much appreciated visit of ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2012.


ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2012 - partipating piece of Gerd Doc Matysik : “THE RETURN OF The FUNNY BIRDS” - painting

The following is the list of the selected 30 artists and their artworks listed in alphabetical order by the nationalities and the names of the artists:

 Esnaola Carmen, Argentina
 Jennie Rosenbaum, Australia
 Trisha Lambi, Australia
 Sadek Ahmed, Bangladesh
 Varvara Stylidou, Belgium
 Gao Ge, China
 Pang Ji, China
 Selezneff Aleman Kika, France
 Jeremie Baldocchi, France
 DR Gerd Matysik, Germany
 Ivo Burokvie, Germany
 Sundaram Shunmuga, India
 Alireza Jahani, Iran
 Sergey Bunkov , Israel
 Andrea Vandoni, Italy
 Abzhanova Anara, Kazakhstan
 Ismet Jonuzi, Kosova
 Vuciterna Valdeta, Kosova
 Rincon Jimena, Mexico
 Kris Mierzejewski, Poland
 Baxx Vlada Pantelich, Serbia
 Carnariu Radu, Romania
 Miguel Angel Vivo Sanche, Spain
 Ma Yu-Fang, Taiwan
 Liu Han-Wan , Taiwan
 Revati Gangal, United Arab
 Joseph Fuchs, United States
 Melissa Leslie-Quinone, United States
 Yasuaki Okamot, United States
 Johnathan Wakuda Fischer, United States


Also keep in mind:
All further information you may need or wish about all aspects of ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2012 ART FAIR you can locate in time at the fair organizer`s website:
Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association

Just step in … and enjoy.


GeT tHe ArTs … always … and keep the arts on rock`ng !

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