It is some kind of entrance to learn more of this great asian and chinese culture thousands of years old in order to expand everyone’s view on his own role and relation to nature, world and cosmos. But Master Prof. Lee Sun-Don is not only contemporary oil painting artist.  He is also visiting professor in Fine Arts in Beijing China etc., music composer & pianist, writer and much more inspired by his Buddhist practice. So he owns also the current status of a Third Patriarch of Buddhist Forshang.  

What means visiting this art fair & meeting Prof. Lee Sun-Don there has been for the artists Bertram & Gertrud Matysik not only a pleasure - it has been an amazing and inspiring experience.  What an art fair !



Venice once a time without  “La Gondola” ?  Not imaginable.

So dear website`s visitors, join also this amazing art show of Lee Sun-Don at Venice Biennale 2009, do not hesitate and feel the energy !

For more information on Prof. Lee Sun-Donīs work and all these amazing “things” behind fell free to visit:


Selfmade Artists Bertram Matysik & Gertrud Matysik enjoying everything of Venice along Biennale 2009 just relaxing here with a good cup of italian coffee in the city. What should they dream more about right now ?

Short Cut to Venice Biennale 2009 PART 2