Paradise Lost Poetry Poem 1


Losing Paradise [by S. David] [art by Dr. Gerd Matysik]

  1. Deh yum
  2. This was not
  3. Eve
  4. Mother
  5. Of all
  6. Yet she set
  7. Me up
  8. Me still
  9. Innocent
  10. In those days
  11. She played
  12. The serpent’s
  13. Part
  14. You can see
  15. How she
  16. Reasoned with me
  17. Showing me
  18. Tempting me
  19. Forbidden fruit
  20. Made me
  21. Sweat and
  22. Dance then she
  23. Offered them
  24. Freely
  25. Eventually
  26. My mind cleared
  27. My eyes opened
  28. I was no longer
  29. Innocent
  30. Having tasted
  31. The fruit
  32. Hot damn
  33.    32§  [Orig   8/26/08]

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Poet  Steve David,  NY / USA,  


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Create & Change

Internal = External,  1 = °°

Organizer & Sponsor:  Arte Communication, GPDeva, X-Power Gallery

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What means visiting this art fair has been for the artist Bertram & Gertrud Matysik not only a pleasure - it has been an amazing and inspiring experience.

What an art fair !


From left to right: Bertram Matysik, Master Lee Sun-Don, Gertrud Matysik in front, artist Viktora Nagel, know from X-Power Gallery`s Art Wind Rises, and her mother at Venice Biennale 2009. 

And what a great and totally unexpected honor for Artmatysik`s artists Bertram & Gertrud Matysik to gain the opportunity to communicate with Master Lee Sun-Don directly in a single conversation just from artist to artist reflecting about the arts while sharing thoughts and inspiration.