Solo-Exhibtion “Time’s Equal Sign” of the artist Prof. Lee Sun-Don at Bankside Gallery, 48 Hopton Street, London, UK, located in London South Bank near the Thames, Tate Modern & Millenium Bridge.

LONDON Excursion  2009



But that’s not all during that stay ...

 Artmatysik´s artists Bertram Matysik, Dr. Gerd & Gertrud Matysik, also always interested what´s going on in the art world,  have followed along their London stay a sudden invitation by Bankside Gallery to the opening of Prof. Lee Sun-Don`s 2009 Solo-Exhibition in London Bankside ... just taking place there as one of the actual world wide acts of Lee Sun-Don in 2009.



Prof- Lee Sun-Don art show “Time’s Equal Sign”at Bankside Gallery London - July 2009

bertram-gerd-gertrud- matysik-at-bankside-gallery-london-lee-sun-don-show-with-andrew-hsu-100_5630

The Artmatysik`s Artists Gertrud Matysik (left), Dr. Gerd Matysik & Bertram Matysik next to RSVP Andrew Hsu (right), X-Power Gallery USA, Taiwan, representing the artist Prof. Lee Sun-Don at Bankside Gallery, 15th July 2009 

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Invitation of Bankside-Gallery-lee-sun-don-show-2009-tub
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gertrud-matysik-invited to- bankside-gallery-london-lee-sun-don-show-100_423-tub
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matysik-invited to- bankside-gallery-london-lee-sun-don-show-100_4241-tub
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gertrud-matysik-invited to- bankside-gallery-london-lee-sun-don
matysik-invited to- bankside-gallery-london-lee-sun-don-show-100_4192
matysik-invited to- bankside-gallery-london-lee-sun-don-show-100_4241

 Exhibition Duration:  July 14th - 26th.
Join this show you stay in London in these times so artist Prof. Lee Sun-Don is currently invited into the 53rd international art exhibition “Venice Biennale” !
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 Some impressions about this actual art show at Bankside Gallery : 

Bankside Gallery London, the Gallery and Home of the Royal Watercolor Society and the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers announces :

Invitation of Bankside-Gallery-lee-sun-don-show-2009