the artist

Born in Monschau, Germany.
After studying human medicine at the university of Bonn he became a physician.
Doctor of medicine and expert in medical informatics.

Dr. Gerd Friedrich Matysik

Fascinated from the miracle of the human being, he began to draw and paint the human body during his academic years to capture its secrets and beauty.
Working as an autodidact he gained the freedom to find his own way and individual style to realize art only influenced by two items:
the aura and character of the object of the artist’s interest on the one hand and the artist’s emotions and impressions caused by the object on the other.

In the early nineties he started to present his art work in the public and together with his brother Bertram Matysik - who is also an artist - he realized many exhibitions with thousands of visiters  during one single event e.g. in Cologne 1994, Bologna 1995, Berlin 1996, Munich 1996, Hamburg Messe 1997.

At first presenting his art work in small non-public circles he got the feed back to expand his artistic spectrum to portraits, impressions of automobiles, landescapes and still lifes.

His work has been shown on international stage along several exhibitions like in New York City in 2007 & 2008, Miami 2008 and more. 

After founding the artistic association Art Matysik together with his mother Gertrud Matysik and his brother Bertram Matysik it was just the right time in the year 1998 to present his art work in the world wide web.
So he launched his internet presentation with a selected portfolio of his art work at the domain artmatysik.org as one of The Artmatysik’s artists.

Although there are abstract paintings in his art work Gerd Matysik’s main passion is the art work with the touch of photorealism reflecting the contemporary spirit of time. Therefore he prefers pastel on paper and oil and acrylic on canvas.
He believes in the strength and power of his special style of art and he is convinced, that art work in realistic and even photorealistic manner especially in oil on canvas is the first choice to maintain and serve contemporary art to the following generations in such a remarkable way like the art work of the classic masters in our days.




The artist Dr. Gerd Matysik in London 2009